Amaya Lake Resort & Spa

  • Luxury
  • 4 star
  • 106 villas
  • Luxury Vehicles
  • 210 min
  • 160km
  • Matale
  • Dhambulla
  • Luxury Amaya Lake Resort & Spa is an exclusive coral island in the Indian Ocean ringed by a sun-kissed beach, just 210 minutes by Luxury Vehicles from Maldives Bandaranaike International Airport 160km away from the heart of Sri Lanka, which comprises of 106 villas located in Matale. It is a multi award-winning elegant boutique SRI LANKA HOTEL with a long history of outstanding service excellence.

Amaya lake is Set on the tranquil banks of the magnificent Kandalama Lake.This showpiece resort captures the essence of Sri Lankan design, culture and tradition. The resort is a 40 acre sanctuary located in Dambulla,Sri Lanka


Amaya Lake is situated 148 km north-east of Colombo and 72 km north of Kandy. It usually takes around 3– 4 hours by road in car or van from the Bandaranayake International Airport.

A tropical heaven complete with sweeping views of Kandalama Lake, Amaya Lake surrounds you with natural beauty. Choose your oasis from one of 95 guest rooms and suites, designed in harmony with the unspoilt environs of the resort. There are 67 Air-conditioned luxury Chalets , 23 Deluxe Chalets, 11 Eco Lodges , 01 luxurious Suite Room with it’s private pool and 04 Club Lodges with all modern facilities.

Accommodations of Amaya Lake Resort & Spa

Superior Chalet

Superior Chalet

2 persons
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Relax on the terrace, close your eyes and listen to the rustling of trees. Exquisitely designed, these villas present a perfect combination of luxury and comfort.... read more

Deluxe Chalet

Deluxe Chalet

2 persons
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Fall under the enchantment of exquisite décor. Accentuated by charming timber accents, these villas feature soft, earthy tones for a soothing home-away-from-home ambiance.... read more

Luxury Villa

Luxury Villa

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Lavishly decorated with exquisite furnishings, each of the Luxury Villas offers unsurpassed elegance with a spacious sitting area, plush bedroom, walk in wardrobe and swaggering views of the gardens. ... read more

Club Lodge

Club Lodge

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Walk out into your very own garden and capture the poignant beauty of chirping birds. Luxurious and elegant, these villas offer an undisturbed setting to replenish your mind.... read more

In-room Dining

Savour an exquisite dining experience within the comfort of your guest room or suite. Choose from an extensive menu, served in the rooms personally by our friendly staff. Sample hand-crafted specialty cocktails or enjoy an intimate meal on the terrace while sharing in the romance of a brilliant sunset with your loved one. Ideal for private dining, impromptu meetings or time zone hopping travellers, our 24-hour In-Room Dining presents a melting pot of flavours from Asian inspired meals to Italian cuisine to decadent sweet dishes.

Destination Dining

Those who have a penchant to dine outdoors have the comfort of selecting any location in the resort - overlooking the lake, on the luxuriant gardens or along the pool - and we will be more than happy to present you with an elegant dining experience. Enjoy sprightly conversation, while you dine under clear blue skies by day and under a canopy of stars at night. Be soothed by live instrumental music and enjoy undisturbed views of the lake or watch as squirrels scamper around the sprawling gardens.

Amaya Lake Bar

Set alongside a spacious poolside, Amaya Lake Bar offers spectacular views of luxuriant gardens. Choose from a wide variety of tropical juices to cool you down in the afternoon heat. Later in the evening, enjoy live contemporary music while indulging in the resort's signature cocktails. Nearby lies a charming tree-house, where a flute player enriches the evening air with his melodies. Listen to beautiful symphonies while you mingle with your loved ones, savouring exquisite flavours of some of the finest wines.


Presenting a range of delectable creations, our inspired menus bring together the most provocative elements of international cuisine, paired with a touch of Sri Lankan flair. Indulge in a culinary feast while high wooden ceilings set the stage for unhindered garden views, enhanced by elegant lighting and soothing oriental music. Further your experience with a refreshing specialty cocktail or order from the impressive international wine list. Reflecting the culinary finesse of our experienced award-winning chefs, each meal is impeccably-presented, designed to offer you exquisite dining options.


Spend your evening lounging at the bar and listening to soothing melodies of the flute player, seated inside a quaint tree-house. Contemplate these poetic moment as you lie back on a reclining chair with a tropical cocktail in hand. The pacifying sounds of the flute enhances the alluring ambiance of the open-air bar, creating the perfect atmosphere just as dusk begins to settle.
Adding a cultural imprint to your dining experience is the oriental band at the open-air restaurant. Revel in a selection of sensational dishes as you listen to soulful sounds of Sri Lankan music. Skilfully playing traditional Sri Lankan instruments, the oriental band presents a unique cultural experience for you to enjoy.
Be amazed by the mysterious magician at Amaya Lake as he performs a number of awe-inspiring tricks. Look on as he performs one baffling act after another and enjoy the wonders of a magician's secrets.

Unforgettable Events

Let the shimmering lake and rustling trees set the ambiance for your event. At Amaya Lake, every event is a time of joy and celebration. Revel in the romantic atmosphere at the well-lit pool side as you sit back and watch traditional dancers usher in nightfall to the sounds of Sri Lanka music. Find yourself in awe as the dancers expertly swirl fiery batons in the air, igniting the atmosphere with traditional music.

Shopping Boutique

Take a few mementos for your loved ones back home or a keepsake of remembrance of your stay at Amaya Lake when you visit our souvenir shop. Filled with trinkets and novelties, this treasure trove offers a selection of gift items and souvenirs, from traditional Sri Lankan masks and Buddha statues to intricate wood carvings and elephant figurines.
The shop also features handwoven textiles and other handmade tokens, skilfully made by local artisans. Walk down the corridor and catch a glimpse of the gem and jewellery shop, displaying gem-encrusted rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Our shopping arcade also offers basic necessities you might need during your stay such as toiletries, sun-hats, clothes, swimsuits and many more.


The resort offers the following activities and equipment on a complimentary basis:
Volleyball court, complete with volleyballs
DVD collection
Badminton racket with shuttle cock
Snooker table, complete with cues and snooker balls
Cricket bat & ball
Tennis courts, complete with rackets and tennis balls
Barge boats
Bullock carts
Mounting bikes


For those who have a few hours to spare and are looking to while away the time, an endless list of recreational activities await you at Amaya Lake.
Table tennis
Board games


Experience the beauty of rustic surroundings enveloping the resort when you embark on a night camping adventure. Hear the mysterious sounds of wildlife, scampering around the sprawling gardens when you enjoy a simple outdoor meal. Wake up to the rhapsodic humming of birds, adding to the sensation of being one with nature. Those adventurous at heart will savour the reality of an exhilarating night-time experience in the unspoiled environment of Amaya Lake.


Embark on a finely crafted barge boat just as the sun begins to rise. The tranquil waters of Kandalama Lake offers a haven for those with a yearning to immerse in the island's natural beauty. Look beyond the glittering waters and be captivated by the lush mountains in the distance, shrouded by a blanket of mist.

Leisure Activities

Set out to explore the forested grounds by bike. Watch the sun set over the lake as you jog along the shaded pathways. Enjoy a thrilling day of outdoor games. Through it all, bask in the warm embrace of this cherished hotel, abound with opportunities, year-round sunshine and full-time recreation staff.


Practice your power stroke at our well-maintained tennis court, designed to offer fun-filled moments for guests.

Bird Watching

Surrender to the harmonious balance of nature as you spot exotic birds, elegantly perched on lush branches. Keep wandering along the pathways and encounter more species. Offering a rare opportunity to capture a haven of birdlife, Amaya Lake hails as one of the few bird friendly resorts in Sri Lanka, recognized by the Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka (FOGSL).
Catch a glimpse of these graceful creatures as you linger to capture picture-perfect moments. Forming a scenic backdrop is the magnificent Kandalama Lake and the mist-shrouded mountains of the Sleeping Soldier, enhancing your bird watching experience.
During your stay at one of the finest resorts in Dambulla, enjoy the opportunity to see birds in their natural habitat. Among the bird species that can be seen in abundance are Golden Oriole, White Egret, the bright emerald Alexandrine Parakeet, Tickles Blue Flycatcher, Scarlet-Coloured Flame Back and the colourful Orange-Breasted Green Pigeon. Our naturalists are experts in the field and have in-depth knowledge of the forested grounds to lead you on a memorable bird watching expedition.


Awaken your inner spirit and revel in the restorative power of nature. Nestled in a secluded open-air courtyard, our ayurvedic spa is gracefully designed to present a serene, soothing ambiance to relax your body, revitalize your mind and renew your spirit.


At Amaya Lake, you have the option to set out on exciting journeys and visit enthralling attractions located in close proximity to the resort. Choose from a variety of adventures that explore the island's mountains, valleys, lush forests and glistening lakes.
From a scenic hike through the verdant countryside to a fun bullock cart ride through the traditional village of Kapela, we organize a range of excursions to present an unforgettable experience of Sri Lankan culture. Visit the closest sites to the resort such as Dambulla Cave Temples or embark on a day trip to Kandy and marvel at the glorious palace ramparts.
Excursion activities include:
Jungle trekking
Elephant Safaris
Sightseeing on Landmaster tractors and Safari Jeeps

Amaya Pool

Surrounded by soothing sounds of tropical gardens, the swimming pool is a relaxing oasis designed to envelope your body in a refreshing embrace. From the spacious poolside, take in views of the lake while you unwind under a shade of an umbrella.

Signature Treatments

Reflexology, also called zone therapy, is based on the idea that each body part is represented on the hands and feet and that pressing on specific areas on the hands or feet can have therapeutic effects in other parts of the body. Benefits are relaxation, pain reduction, rejuvenation and improved blood flow.

Avagaha Sweda is an effective method to remove dead cells from the skin. Medicated herbal water with leaves and dry herbs are used in this treatment to increase the action of sweat glands and sebaceous glands. Regular use of this treatment is effective against most of the skin diseases.

Shirodhara aims to bring physical and emotional balance by rejuvenating the spirit and preserving health. This is achieved through a relaxing technique in which warm oil is poured over the forehead, followed by head and shoulder massage and a warm body wrap to seal in moisture.

Body Treatments

Combining the purifying properties of a herbal massage, steam and bath, this treatment renews your spirit and invigorates your senses. The steam bath increases sweat gland secretions and regularizes blood circulation in the body, while the herbal massage uses essential oils to relieve aches and pains in the muscles. Designed to de-stress the entire body, the herbal bath features warm water with added herbs to smoothen your skin and relax joints.

Immersing yourself in the therapeutic properties of natural herbs is the perfect way to unwind during your vacation. Using fragrant herbs plucked from the resort's garden, this treatment is ideal for those wanting utter relaxation. In addition to providing a soothing sensation that pervades through your entire body, this treatment is commonly used to reduce fats in the body and relieve joint pains.


Drift away into a state of utter relaxation as our team of expert masseuses tend to your every need. Choose from a range of individual massages, thoughtfully designed to offer exceptional body and skin rejuvenation.
This relaxing massage de-stresses the body's energy system while triggering endorphin release to increase the brain's alpha state. The treatment focuses mainly on arms, shoulders, head, neck, face and the upper back. It eases stiffness of the spinal cord while relaxing tense neck muscles and promoting blood circulation in the scalp. It is also beneficial for those dealing with hair loss as the special oil used in this massage helps to nourish and strengthen hair.
This rejuvenating experience awakens the vital energy areas in your hands, wrists and arms to release deeply felt tension. It is ideal for those suffering from eyestrain, migraine, blocked sinuses, tension headaches, insomnia, irritability and knotted shoulders. Feel the calm sensation of warm oil on your skin as our experienced masseuse expertly massages your body, rejuvenating your soul.
Experience the ultimate relaxation with a four-handed lomi lomi massage. Two therapists synchronize their movements in this indulgent treatment, producing double the benefits. You will emerge nourished, protected and completely relaxed.
Although this soothing massage concentrates mainly on the body's lower limbs, it benefits the whole body and nervous system. Lower Limb massage helps in rheumatic problems, spinal cord ailments, paralysis problems, sciatica, disc prolapses and nerve compressions. This Ayurvedic massage relaxes the entire body while increasing energy levels and improving circulation.

Facial Treatments

This massage is carried out by a application of massage oil along the contours of your face. It removes any stress-induced blockages by applying pressure along specific pressure points on the face. This helps to relax facial muscles and restore its natural balance. The facial steam and cleansing will remove any toxins and impurities in your face with the use of herbal oils and powders.
This Ayurvedic massage detoxifies the face while helping muscles relax from their contracted state. It rejuvenates the skin, restoring essential moisture and natural balance for a smooth, flawless complexion. It also eases neck and shoulder tension and stimulates blood circulation in the muscles. It is known as the most non-invasive face lift, as it uplifts facial muscles through natural herbs and specific massage techniques on pressure points.