Aliya Resort and Spa

  • Ultra Luxury
  • 4 star
  • 88 villas
  • Luxury Vehicles
  • 150 min
  • 146km
  • Aliya Resort an
  • Sigiriya
  • Ultra Luxury Aliya Resort and Spa is an exclusive coral island in the Indian Ocean ringed by a sun-kissed beach, just 150 minutes by Luxury Vehicles from Maldives Bandaranaike International Airport 146km away from the heart of Sri Lanka, which comprises of 88 villas located in Aliya Resort an. It is a multi award-winning elegant boutique SRI LANKA HOTEL with a long history of outstanding service excellence.

Welcome to lush greenery, simplicity of the rural lifestyle and breathtaking views of Sigiriya. Unwind at Aliya Resort and Spa… Nestled among the lush greenery of rolling fields, decades old indigenous trees and chena growth of the dry zone of the Central Province, Aliya Resort & Spa invites you to relax and unwind, far from the hustle and bustle of city life.Themed on the beloved Sri Lankan elephant, or ‘Aliya’ as it is known in the Sinhala language, this property has a distinct feel of living in a village, but with all the modern facilities required for a comfortable and idyllic stay. Our Sigiriya hotel ‘Aliya’ is an authentic experience of the lifestyle of nearby villages in the Cultural Triangle. The stunning backdrop of the Sigiriya Rock formation, or ‘Lion Rock’ as well as the Pidurangala Rock Temple are majestically flaunted with highlighted in a simple foreground of manicured lawns and the stunning blue of the eternity pool that line up with this breathtaking view. Making this us unique amongst other resorts in Sri Lanka Sigiriya hotels, Aliya Resort & Spa features roomy chalets as well as charming luxury tented rooms that are set up on wooden deck platforms with all the modern amenities. This family friendly resort takes your every need to heart and delivers with a warm Sri Lankan smile.


Nestled in lush greenery, entrenched in the simple rural lifestyle of surrounding villages, surrounded by lush grass lawns and a rolling paddy field, in the distance a verdant thicket where elephants roam free coupled with panoramic and breathtaking views of Sigiriya the ‘Lion Rock’ and Pidurangala Rock Temple, in the heart of the Cultural Triangle….welcome to Aliya Resort & Spa.

At Aliya Resort & Spa we believe in the joys of the simple things in life. Inspired by the beloved elephant or ‘Aliya’ in the Sinhala language, each of our chalets boast four units that are classified as Deluxe Rooms or Deluxe Rooms with Attic.Designed with the minimalist concept in mind, these rooms are free of clutter and unnecessary ornamentation. We believe in providing a spacious room, comfortable Queen Size bed, soft pillows, fluffy towels and a spacious bathroom for our guests comfort.Once again the elephant is lovingly depicted in various art forms around the room, we hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we did choosing them.The Luxury Deluxe Tents are another class by themselves. Sturdy and beautiful, these spacious custom made tents will leave your family loving their outdoor adventure. An adjoining annexure to the tent will give you the complete privacy of your own bathroom and toilet fitted with a large bathtub, shower stall, toilet cubicle and washbasin similar to that of the resorts deluxe rooms.

Accommodations of Aliya Resort and Spa



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Each of our chalets are set out with your maximum privacy in mind. Units of four deluxe bedrooms, each bedroom is spacious with a Queen sized bed. In addition to a desk and chair, there are also two c... read more



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Aliya Resort & Spa offers 10 family friendly Deluxe Attic Rooms fitted with a queen size bed as well as two single beds in the attic loft-area. The ‘Attic Rooms’, as we call them are designed with... read more



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These 18 luxury deluxe tents are not your regular camping units. They are set out on wooden platforms that form an annexure to the tents back-exit. The tents have comfortable custom made queen size be... read more



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There are two suites at Aliya Resort & Spa are an ideal choice for couples or families seeking an idyllic and quiet nook in the resort. Each suite has two bedrooms and two large bathrooms. The Master ... read more


This lovely coffee shop and bar has a charming and airy feel to it. The simple decor comprises of dozens of antique miniature hand carved mythical lions embedded into the wall forming a protective display of beauty and artistic symmetry. Jazz music drifts soulfully off the sound system while you enjoy your coffee, treats or a cocktail before dinner. The view is panoramic and gives one a sense of old blending with the new. For more intimate moments, there is a quiet area behind the bar and coffee shop set out with a few cosy tables set only for two. Low lighting adds to the warm ambiance.


Perfectly delicious and authentic Chinese cuisine served in the beautiful ambiance of pretty red fringe overhanging and mythical golden dragons decorating the walls, creating a festive and beautiful facade of being transported into the Orient. The varied repertoire is loved by all who come here, be they in-house guests or those with a special reservation. This dining area has sunken kiosks to eat ones meal in traditional Chinese style, or western style layout as per ones personal preference.


Nagula offers a unique wining and dining experience at Aliya Resort & Spa. Situated on the veranda of the resorts featured Paddy Museum, this speciality restaurant features Sri Lankan cuisine with a rustic and simple ambiance that leaves you feeling replete and completely content. Meals are prepared in a traditional village kitchen – in clay pots and on traditional clay stoves, and served in a traditional manner. The seating is simple and comfortable; with charming views of the resorts own paddy fields and fruit trees, and a lovely cool breeze that accompanies this lush view. An educational and interesting array of paddy cultivating artefacts are displayed; the relics of the past one hundred years or more, depicting the art of manual agriculture and sturdy lifestyle of the people of the Sigiriya Villages.


An essential part of any cultural adventure is recognising and discovering the myriad of flavours and essences that form a region. Alaka Restaurant serves genuine Sri Lankan cuisine, enabling one to savour exotic aromas and tastes of local dishes when dining in Sigiriya Sri Lanka.Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Alaka is popular with local and international visitors and is famous for its simple yet delicious local food. Alaka serves food distinctive distinct to the region, utilising only the best ingredients and spices which are locally sourced or grown on the Resort’s premises. This spacious and airy restaurant has magnificent panoramic views of the Sigiriya Rock Fortress as well as the Pidurangala Rock Temple that form the backdrop of the Resort’s infinity pool.


Want to wind down after a long week of exploring Sri Lanka? Then head over to Karaoke Lunge at Aliya Resort and Spa. You can sing to your heart’s content while enjoying a delicious cocktail at Aliya’s Karaoke lounge. It is a great venue to hang out with fellow guests and friends. You can choose from a wide variety of music genres, be it Rock, Pop or Jazz songs. All you need to do is follow the lyrics and sing along.The Karaoke lounge is a great place to hang out after dinner on the weekend. The lounge opens up at 8.00pm and closes at 1.00am.


The atmosphere at the night club at Aliya is simply ecstatic. The nightclub is a version of an underground club where you can escape to after dark. The graffiti at the club is based on the local elements in and around Sigiriya. The scripts on the walls are in Sinhala and Tamil, the two major languages used in Sri Lanka. The large painting of a ‘Sigiri Lalanawa’ is a depiction of the famous Sigiriya frescoes. The pulsing beats, the colorful lights and the fascinating graffiti are unlike anything you would see in any other nightclub in Sri Lanka. Another added feature in the interior is its soundproof quality; you don’t have to worry about disturbing any of the other guests while you party it up here. The nightclub is open 10.00pm to 1.00am over the weekend.


The Badminton Court at Aliya is one of a kind because it is the only indoor court in the area. The conditions at the court are perfect for a heated game of Badminton. The white lighting and the solid wooden floors are assured to keep you focused during the game. Badminton is a game that is family friendly and if you are at Aliya with your kids this is the one place that will keep them entertained. You could even invite another guest over for a match challenge. An hour long session at the court is sure to work up an appetite and get you pumped up for the day. Since the court is indoors the atmosphere is not humid or uncomfortable. Heat is one of the biggest issues you would have had if you had to play outside. Keep in mind that guests are required to wear the appropriate shoes when entering the court; it is merely a precaution because you need to use trainers or sports shoes for ankle support. The court is open from 7.00am to 8.00pm daily.


Guests at Aliya Resort and Spa need not worry too much about calories while on vacation since there is a fully equipped gym on location. There is a wide variety of fitness gear available for those of you who want to keep fit and healthy during your time in Sigiriya. The food at Aliya is undoubtedly excellent and when on vacation you can’t help but indulge. You could always opt for a morning or evening stroll but if you want something challenging you should to step into the gym on a quiet morning or evening. It is the best way to beat the bulge and not feel guilty about what you are eating.The gym at Aliya includes state of the art treadmills and elliptical machines. Apart from that there are the usual suspects such as; the bench press, leg press machine and leg extensions. There is also a trusted gym instructor who will help you operate the machines and provide information about each of them. The gym is open from 6.00am to 8.00pm daily.


Set in an unique and beautiful location, our conference facilities at Aliya Resort & Spa are of a very high standard making this one of the premier event venues in Sigiriya. Equipped with everything required to make a conference, meeting or seminar run smoothly, we also cater to special requests and requirements. Two Meeting Rooms also facilitate private business meetings with discreet opulence and style.


Rediscover team spirit at an ideal tropical surrounding away from the hustle and bustle of everyday corporate life. Engage in team building activities, games and other localized events organized by our friendly staff according to your likes. Its time to strengthen bonds and establishing harmony among your team members.Aliya Resort & Spa is ideal as a corporate retreat for company outings and gatherings with a difference.

Available Treatments

Sarvanga Abhyanga – Herbal Oil Body Treatment
Muka Abhyanga – Facial Treatment
Shiro Abhyanga – Herbal Oil Head Treatment
Vashpa Sweda – Herbal Steam Bath
Avagaha Sweda – Herbal Bath
Pinda Sweda – Medicinal Bolus Treatment
Pada Abhyanga – Foot Treatment/Reflexology

Ayur Vie Spa

Revitalize your mind, spirit and body at the our Ayurveda spa, ‘Ayur Vie’, that offers a range of holistic Ayurvedic treatments.At “Ayur Vie”, our much coveted option amongst Sri Lanka spa hotels “Ayur Vie”, experience the power of therapeutic and traditional holistic medicine. Aliya Resort & Spa’s in-house Ayurvedic doctor will guide you on a journey to complete wellness and inner balance.We offer FREE Meditation and Yoga Sessions which are the perfect complements to our spa; these sessions enable you to find and maintain asense of contentment and wellbeing. Couples and Singles sessions are available.“Ayurveda” means “The knowledge of Life”. It is an ancient healing practice and way of life that provides a deep sense of wellness for mind, body and spirit.