About Generation Hotels

Generation Hotels specializes in selecting hotels in the Maldives and Sri Lanka while offering them at the best possible price.

We believe in Service and in professional advice. You may book a room directly online and organize your trip on your own but why bother when we are here to organize everything for you.

Visit our website, select a property and request a quote. A few hours later we come back to you with a price through our partner in your country. At this point, you may chose to book your room only room or add other services such as airport transfers, flights, excursions and other special needs.

Based in Switzerland and Singapore, we personalize a friendly travel assistance to offer you a memorable luxury experience in stunning locations.

Our passion is hotels. Nice well managed properties. We thus focus on choosing the best establishments for your dreams getaways, based on hundreds of separate, stringent criteria. 

All aspects affecting your comfort are carefully taken into consideration.


It is a pleasure to helping you organize your next luxury stay. Just ask for a quote and we shall take care of the rest !